6: BRCyeah plays the Over/Under game, and that’s it

Former Offspeed Podcast co-host, Casey’s dear friend, and host of the Feels Badcast on this network, joins Casey. They talked for nearly an hour, but the first 40 minutes are lost to the sands of time. Casey messed up the recording. Nonetheless, Casey and BRCyeah debuted the Over/Under game, guessing career earnings of athletes in four different sports.

2: Kevin Martinez, VP of Marketing for the Seattle Mariners

Casey went to the Seattle Mariners headquarters, deep into the heart of the beast, and talked to VP of Marketing Kevin Martinez. Kevin and Casey talk about baseball, food preferences, cultural phenomena, and more.

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1: Drunk Teenagers, Oral Pleasure, and Naked Politicians at Tacoma Comedy Club

Drink N Debate made its debut at Tacoma Comedy Club with host Casey McLain, and teams Wallzucoletta, 3 Fast 3 Furious, Supposedly Tame Cobras, and Trojan Horsey. We find out if 16 year olds should be allowed to drink alcohol, if nightly blowjobs should be mandatory, and if all politicians should be forced to be naked at all times.

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1: Leading off, with John Baker


On the very first episode of Cascaudio, Casey is joined by John Baker. Baker was a catcher for parts of seven seasons. He’s now the Mental Skills Coordinator for the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Baker is an intellectual, with a variety of interests including mixed martial arts, and a background in Psychology and Nutrition.

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