The Casey McLain Show

11: Scared Dan, with Dan Soder and Gregr

Casey is joined by New York comedian Dan Soder, who has an hour special called “Not Special,” a Sirius XM radio show called “The Bonfire” with Big Jay Oakerson, and acts on the Showtime show “Billions.” Dan is a die hard San Francisco 49ers fan and was once the underling of Gregr. Gregr is the morning show host on 107.7 The End in Seattle. He and Dan worked at a radio station together in Tuscon, Arizona, where Dan gained the on-air name Scared Dan.

2 years ago
The Casey McLain Show

6: BRCyeah plays the Over/Under game, and that’s it

Former Offspeed Podcast co-host, Casey’s dear friend, and host of the Feels Badcast on this network, joins Casey. They talked for nearly an hour, but the first 40 minutes are lost to the sands of time. Casey messed up the recording. Nonetheless, Casey and BRCyeah debuted the Over/Under game, guessing career earnings of athletes in four different sports.

3 years ago