8: Attack of Gravity

Almost road trip time! Your hosts are discussing plans for their trip down to Tahoe for the Broken Arrow Sky Race. Doug also gives a detailed play-by-play of his recent crash on the trails where he tripped downhills and fell flat on his face. Glad he’s okay! This is a great time to remind everyone of the importance of bringing your “10 Essentials” and proper protection when heading onto the trails. Be safe out there, guys!

• Doug’s run on Strava

• Trail Running 10 Essentials with Gary Robbins.

• Ten Essentials on The Outdoor Society:

• REM: All the way to Reno
• Skyrunning in the USA

• Doug’s nervous face heading to the South Kaibab trailhead at 5am to begin our R2R2R attempt last year.…

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7: Please don’t take me to a Lake

With less than two weeks to their first big race of the season Douglas and Mathias compare final notes and training runs thus far. When will tapering begin, what are their plans for nutrition on race day, and what shoes will they be wearing?
Also: A first look at some planned adventures in the mountains once the final snow is melted and they are fully recovered from their race in Tahoe.

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6: ‘It levels up a bit and then it drops down again’

Douglas takes a road trip to Badlands National Park and Mathias wakes up early to run up Mt. Rose, twice – finally. Training for Broken Arrow is going well for the both of them and they are pushing themselves to keep up their mileage and elevation goals. Mathias bought new shoes – thank you REI anniversary sale, and Douglas has holes in his running socks.

Badlands National Park

Mt. Rose

Mt. Rose full trail description in our 52 Olympic Peninsula Hikes guide book.

Scarpa Spin Mathias’ new running shoe

Mathias’ favorite everyday running socks

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5: Complaining about Californians

Hungry as always Mathias and Douglas continue to dig into their training routine leading up to their next big race: Broken Arrow Skyrace at Lake Tahoe. They discuss diners in middle America, the best use of poles while attacking hills and why trail running is vastly superior to city marathons.

• Best poles for trail running: Black Diamond Distance Z Trekking Poles
• Beast of Big Creek Trail Race report
• Logan Pass at Glacier National Park

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3: The Canyon Makes Cowboys

In this week’s fine installment of our audio experience Douglas and Mathias are in full on nostaglic mood. For the anniversary of their epic run of the fabled R2R2R route at the Grand Canyon they remember the good times, and laugh about the bad ones too. Do you hear that Phantom Ranch, do you, do you?

Show Notes:

• Training for the New Alpinism – a excellent training book.
• The Edge of Vastness – an Einmaleins film.…

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