30: Red Sox Apple Watch, Chris Hayes, The Athletic, and October with Eno Sarris

Casey is joined by Eno Sarris to talk about the Red Sox Apple Watch scandal, the article he wrote about MSNBC analyst Chris Hayes being able to get a hit in a full season’s worth of plate appearances, his new role at The Athletic, and the evolution of Beergraphs, a Craft Beer Lifestyle Magazine called October.

21: Chris Mitchell evaluates the MLB Trade Deadline

Casey is joined by Chris Mitchell, a Fangraphs writer who stops by to evaluate the MLB Trade Deadline. Chris is the creator of the KATOH prospect projection system, and he talks about the median expected value of the prospects traded at the deadline, and about some of the more interesting and peculiar trades made at and around the MLB Trade Deadline.

19: KeyArena Renovation and Major League Soccer, with Geoff Baker

Casey talks to Geoff Baker, Sports Investigative Journalist for the Seattle Times. Baker has been at the center of reporting of controversial stories as a beat writer for both the Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners, and is now presently embroiled in contoversy regarding the return of the Seattle Supersonics to Seattle.

15: Curveballs with Chase Mayers

Casey is joined by Chase Mayers, who is a Seattle comic by way of Baton Rouge. They talk about Louisiana sports, including the New Orleans Saints, and the tradition around LSU football and baseball. They talk probably too much about comedy, and also about their high school baseball prowess, where they were both pitchers with similar repertoires.


11: Scared Dan, with Dan Soder and Gregr

Casey is joined by New York comedian Dan Soder, who has an hour special called “Not Special,” a Sirius XM radio show called “The Bonfire” with Big Jay Oakerson, and acts on the Showtime show “Billions.” Dan is a die hard San Francisco 49ers fan and was once the underling of Gregr. Gregr is the morning show host on 107.7 The End in Seattle. He and Dan worked at a radio station together in Tuscon, Arizona, where Dan gained the on-air name Scared Dan.

8: Taylor Bonzer talks movies

Casey is joined by his comedian friend Taylor Bonzer. Taylor is a huge nerd, and has very different movie taste than Casey. They talk about how to act at movies, what movies they like that the other person doesn’t like, a movie that they both like a lot, and a bunch of annoying comedy talk.


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7: Ken Thoburn of Wingman Brewers

Casey talks to Wingman Brewers co-owner and head brewer Ken Thoburn. Ken talks about his brewery, and also the perhaps overblown story of AB InBev buying up hop fields, and the less overblown story of AB InBev buying a beloved and respected craft brewery called Wicked Weed.

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6: BRCyeah plays the Over/Under game, and that’s it

Former Offspeed Podcast co-host, Casey’s dear friend, and host of the Feels Badcast on this network, joins Casey. They talked for nearly an hour, but the first 40 minutes are lost to the sands of time. Casey messed up the recording. Nonetheless, Casey and BRCyeah debuted the Over/Under game, guessing career earnings of athletes in four different sports.

2: Kevin Martinez, VP of Marketing for the Seattle Mariners

Casey went to the Seattle Mariners headquarters, deep into the heart of the beast, and talked to VP of Marketing Kevin Martinez. Kevin and Casey talk about baseball, food preferences, cultural phenomena, and more.

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1: Leading off, with John Baker


On the very first episode of Cascaudio, Casey is joined by John Baker. Baker was a catcher for parts of seven seasons. He’s now the Mental Skills Coordinator for the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs. Baker is an intellectual, with a variety of interests including mixed martial arts, and a background in Psychology and Nutrition.

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