1st and 15th

8: Offspeed/Beergraphs mashup, ft. @enosarris and David Oshiro of @merchantduvin

Aaron Kirby (of Offspeed Podcast) and Casey recorded from an undisclosed location in Seattle, a day after the Fangraphs meetup event. Aaron didn’t do much talking because Casey forgot his mic, but all four of these guys spent part of the evening at an independent professional wrestling event for which Aaron did the Ring announcing. They talk about beer, both its history in their lives and about the specific beers consumed during and prior to this podcast recording. Eno talked about his upbringing and how he became the man he is today.


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Music is from The Feelings Hijackers,  and BRCyeah

3 years ago
1st and 15th

7: Kim Jordan and Christine Perich of New Belgium Brewing

Kim Jordan is one of the founders of New Belgium, and Christine Perich is the new CEO of New Belgium. Christina is taking over for Kim, and this is a great opportunity to hear them talk about what the change in roles means to each of them.

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Casey is the founder of the sports blog North and South of Royal Brougham. Follow him at @TheCaseyMcLain and check out his other (NSFW) podcast called Offspeed Podcast. He also writes about beer at Washington Beer Blog and HiConsumption.

4 years ago