Stripper Whisperer with Cory Michaelis

109: Devynn from Phoenix, Arizona (@blueladlylake)

Cory heads to smokin’ hot Phoenix to interview smokin’ hot Devynn (@blueladlylake) at a random, cool Air B&B. They talk about the differences between Phoenix strip clubs and other cities. Cory especially noticed that at the club in Phoenix there is A LOT more “stack on stacks” and “making it rain” by the customers. Check us out on Patreon ( and the video of this episode will be up soon!


4 days ago
Stripper Whisperer with Cory Michaelis

108: Lacey from Boise, Idaho (@exoticly.lacey)

Cory is joined by the lovely, laid-back, and long finger-nailed Lacey (@exoticly.lacey) from Boise, Idaho. They talk about what it’s like to have a boyfriend as a stripper and how strippers get around the silly “pastie” law that some cities and states have because they don’t want nipples shown. I’ll give you a hint – it involves glitter. Also, Lacey deserves a little extra love because she brought friends out to see Cory perform at Liquid Laughs in Boise. As always, the video is up on our Patreon (


2 weeks ago