The Casey McLain Show

203: #BoycottBlizzard with Dan Szymborski

Casey is joined by Dan Szymborski, the creator of the ZiPs projection system, writer at Fangraphs, and avid gamer and follower of E-Sports, to talk about the recent free speech controversy related to the protests in Hong Kong. Within a week of each other Rockets GM Daryl Morey and prominent gamer Ng Wai Chung had their support of protesters in Hong Kong stifled, Morey by the NBA, and Chung by Blizzard.

Casey also talks about the Seahawks win against the Cleveland Browns, his trip to Portland, and the money he has riding on the Washington Nationals.

7 days ago
Stripper Whisperer with Cory Michaelis

105: Phoenix from Spokane, WA (@fiery_love_phoenix)

Comedian Cory Michaelis is back with another hot ep. with his friend, fiery Phoenix from Spokane, Washington. The two talk about when Cory tried to do a pole dance during his comedy show and some of the more unsanitary aspects of stripping. Be sure to listen and find out what Phoenix’s manager meant by “they’re allowed to touch it, they’re just not supposed to play with it”. Head to Patreon for video of the interview AND of Cory’s pole dance.

1 week ago
Stripper Whisperer with Cory Michaelis

104: Lolita from Boise, ID (@the.lolita.raine)

Comedian Cory Michaelis heads to the first place he went to strip club as a single fella, Boise, Idaho to meet up with THE Lolita Raine who drove all the way in from Vegas – the first place Cory went to a strip club as a married fella – to do the interview. Beyond being a dancer in Boise and Vegas she also dances in Portland and models in LA. Check out the video of our interview and see Lolita’s hair that Cory was crazy envious of.

2 weeks ago