The Casey McLain Show

156: Junk on a Platter

Casey talks about the presidents meal of hundreds of burgers, many many fries, and pizza. Also he talks about how Trump and Tom Brady both are unlikable but did very fun things this week. The Super Bowl is set despite controversial refereeing at the end of both conference championship games. The Mariners made a trade and baseball seems to be approaching a work stoppage. And Edgar Martinez seems likely to make the Hall of Fame, finally.

10 months ago
The Casey McLain Show

154: Mr. Worldwide with Ryan Divish

Casey is joined by Ryan Divish. They talk about Havre, Montana, where Ryan is from. They also talked about what teams Ryan loved growing up and what made him want to become a sportswriter. They talk briefly about hotel and airline points, and also about how much Ryan loves baseball, and how he and Casey both used to chew tobacco. Ryan shares some of his most favorite Mariners, some intimate details of the locker room, what it was like to work around John Jaso and Greg Halman, and some of his least favorite Mariners. And of course he talks about the origins of his deep and unabated love for Pitbull.


11 months ago