6: ‘It levels up a bit and then it drops down again’

Douglas takes a road trip to Badlands National Park and Mathias wakes up early to run up Mt. Rose, twice – finally. Training for Broken Arrow is going well for the both of them and they are pushing themselves to keep up their mileage and elevation goals. Mathias bought new shoes – thank you REI anniversary sale, and Douglas has holes in his running socks.

Badlands National Park

Mt. Rose

Mt. Rose full trail description in our 52 Olympic Peninsula Hikes guide book.

Scarpa Spin Mathias’ new running shoe

Mathias’ favorite everyday running socks

2 years ago
The Casey McLain Show

88: BONUS – Mariners Trade for Alex Colome and Denard Span

Casey talks about the implications of the Mariners trade for Alex Colome and Denard Span. They traded Andrew Moore and Tommy Romero, two prospects with a limited pedigree and apparently low upside. Casey talks about the financial implication of Span’s buyout, and Colome being arbitration eligible for the next two years. He also talks about what the Mariners still have left to improve to continue contending for a playoff berth.

2 years ago