Stripper Whisperer with Cory Michaelis

109: Devynn from Phoenix, Arizona (@blueladlylake)

Cory heads to smokin’ hot Phoenix to interview smokin’ hot Devynn (@blueladlylake) at a random, cool Air B&B. They talk about the differences between Phoenix strip clubs and other cities. Cory especially noticed that at the club in Phoenix there is A LOT more “stack on stacks” and “making it rain” by the customers. Check us out on Patreon ( and the video of this episode will be up soon!


4 days ago
Stripper Whisperer with Cory Michaelis

108: Lacey from Boise, Idaho (@exoticly.lacey)

Cory is joined by the lovely, laid-back, and long finger-nailed Lacey (@exoticly.lacey) from Boise, Idaho. They talk about what it’s like to have a boyfriend as a stripper and how strippers get around the silly “pastie” law that some cities and states have because they don’t want nipples shown. I’ll give you a hint – it involves glitter. Also, Lacey deserves a little extra love because she brought friends out to see Cory perform at Liquid Laughs in Boise. As always, the video is up on our Patreon (


2 weeks ago
Stripper Whisperer with Cory Michaelis

107: Elle Le Blanc from Portland, OR

Another episode with an Elle ( from Portland but she has a totally different story from our first ever guest (Elle Stanger @stripperwriter – go listen! It’s a great pilot episode!) does. Elle Le Blanc is, get this, 51 YEARS OLD! And, maybe even more surprising, she started dancing when she was 48. You HAVE to listen to her story and check out the Patreon video because she doesn’t look a day over 55…joke! She looks so young and is so vibrant and I know you’re gonna love the ep. Here’s the Patreon link: 

3 weeks ago