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88: BONUS – Mariners Trade for Alex Colome and Denard Span

Casey talks about the implications of the Mariners trade for Alex Colome and Denard Span. They traded Andrew Moore and Tommy Romero, two prospects with a limited pedigree and apparently low upside. Casey talks about the financial implication of Span’s buyout, and Colome being arbitration eligible for the next two years. He also talks about what the Mariners still have left to improve to continue contending for a playoff berth.

8 hours ago

5: Complaining about Californians

Hungry as always Mathias and Douglas continue to dig into their training routine leading up to their next big race: Broken Arrow Skyrace at Lake Tahoe. They discuss diners in middle America, the best use of poles while attacking hills and why trail running is vastly superior to city marathons.

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6 days ago