Stripper Whisperer with Cory Michaelis

118: Kelz from Atlanta, GA (@jkellykelz_)

Kelz is our first stripper has worked in the midwest and on the east coast and I’m pretty she’s our first veteran. She has a great life story with lots of fun individual stories involving rappers and wild ATL night and strip clubs. She welcomed me in her home for a great interview that, aside from a pee break and my external hard drive failing (no video on this one), was as smooth and as chill as can be. I feel like I make friends with all the strippers I interview but what’s cool about Kelz is that she lives about 10 minutes from me – I see brunch and strippers in our future!

2 weeks ago
Stripper Whisperer with Cory Michaelis

117: Nadia from Portland, Oregon (@thenadeshikoyamato)

For the first time and 100% not the last, Cory forgets to hit the record button and loses the first few minutes of his interview with the lovely Nadia from Portland, Oregon (@thenadeshikoyamato). It actually makes her feel a little more comfy to have a trial run and even though Cory can’t pronounce her Insta handle, the “Take Two” interview goes great. Check out her Insta and be a peach and rate and review the pod. positively!

3 weeks ago