Stripper Whisperer with Cory Michaelis

113: Bart, Spokane, Washington Strip Club DJ (@revbartstewart)

In a very special episode, Cory interviews long time strip club DJ, Bart Stewart (@revbartstewart). Listen to the “Reverend’s” stories about working with strippers in Spokane and Idaho. And, go check out the video and you’ll see that Bart looks EXACTLY what you’d think a strip club DJ looks like (


7 days ago
Stripper Whisperer with Cory Michaelis

112: Prys from Portland, Oregon (@miss_prys and @prys_matic)

Cory heads to a princess’, pink bedroom to interview Prys (@miss_prys and @prys_matic) from Portland with a wild personality. That’s a plethora of P’s! She’s quite the ethereal character and you’re gonna want to hear a few of her fun stories. You also won’t want to miss her bra-less outfit in the video on our Patreon page ( – check it out and subscribe.


2 weeks ago
Stripper Whisperer with Cory Michaelis

111: Devin Devine from Portland, Oregon

In a super fun special episode, Cory interviews his first ever amateur night stripper! Devin Devine of Spokane (and now Portland) isn’t just a sex positive woman who has dabbled in dancing but she’s also a stand-up comedian, poet, spoken word artist, and buddy of Cory’s – the last one isn’t all that impressive. Maybe she’ll add stripping for money to that impressive resume. Check us out on Patreon ( and the video of this episode will be up soon!

3 weeks ago